Coffee’s origin

Coffee’s origin is traced back to Ethiopia where the energizing effects of coffee beans were first discovered. From roasting beans over fires to individual cups of coffee from an espresso machine, the preparation of coffee has evolved. The need for a faster and more efficient coffee-making process led to the invention of the espresso machine. In 1905, Luigi Bezzer patented a machine that introduced pressure system to speed up the brewing process and was named the “Fast Coffee Machine,” later translated to Espresso Machine. The espresso machine’s design was further developed by Desidero Pavoni. During WWII, the espresso machine’s development was halted, but after the war, Achilles Gaggia developed a commercial machine using a new piston technology. In 1961, Faema launched a pump-based electric machine that became the basis for all modern commercial machines. From the Turks’ fire circles to the espresso machine, coffee has come a long way.

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