About 7 Grams

What about Us:

7 Grams Coffee was established in Australia in 2008 and expanded to New Zealand in 2023. We make it easy for you to find the ideal office coffee machine for your needs. With flexible rental plans and budget-friendly machines, you can select the best solution for your office without any long-term obligations. We also provide free regular maintenance to keep your machine functioning optimally and deliver fresh coffee beans each month to ensure you always have a supply. Our extensive range of coffee machines, beans, and other equipment can also be purchased. Let us boost productivity in your office, one delicious cup of coffee at a time.

Why Choose 7 Grams?

We have flexible rental plans that don't require any contracts and a variety of affordable coffee machines to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your office. To ensure that your machine is always performing at its best, we provide free regular maintenance and deliver fresh coffee beans to you every month. Our selection of coffee equipment and beans are also available for purchase. Let us help keep your office running smoothly with our top-notch machines and fresh beans. Reach out to one of our friendly experts today for more information.